Do I need a doctor’s referral?

It is not essential to have a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist. However if you wish to claim treatment costs from one of the following you will need one.

  • Workers compensation insurance,
  • Third Party motor accident insurance
  • Enhanced primary care (Medicare)
  • You wish to make a claim against your tax return under medical expenses

However, physiotherapists work closely with the medical profession and need to know if you have any other medical heath problems and the medications if any that you take.

What do I bring?

Bring any X-Rays or scans or test results relevant to the condition to be treated. It is advisable to wear lose comfortable clothing.

How much does it cost?

Consultation and Treatment$95
Consultation and Treatment of Two Distinct Areas$110
Full Pensioner$70
Home visit *$120
Consultation and Treatment$70
Consultation and Treatment of Two Distinct Areas$100
Full Pensioner$60
Home visit *$100
* Travel Allowance
Per Kilometre$1

How do I pay?

Private patient can pay by cash, cheque or direct bank transfer on the day of treatment. A receipt will be provided for you to claim from your health insurance.

The practice will bill an insurer directly if the patient injured at work or in a motor vehicle accident present with a referral for treatment and a claim number and insurer details.

What is the Enhanced Primary Care Program?

This is a national system whereby a medical practitioner can refer patients with complex medical conditions for physiotherapy under the Enhanced Primary Care Program. Medicare will reimburse for an eligible patient up to five treatments per annum at approximately $53 per treatment. An eligible patient is limited to five services per annum of any of the allied health services.