Joan has over 20 years experience working in private practice as a musculo-skeletal physiotherapist treating a variety of musculo-skeletal conditions. She has been practicing the Ryde region for 16 years. During that time she has also worked in the related field of occupational health and ergonomics where the emphasis is on optimising musculo-skeletal health and prevention of problems with attention to the postures adopted in work tasks or workstation, unsafe work practices and work-pacing.

Female urinary incontinence and pelvic condtions related to pregnancy is an additional area of interest that Joan is experienced and interested in working with.

Joan is an advocate for optimising musculo-skeletal health with engagement in regular exercise, core strengthening and developing postural awareness in work or recreational activities. Joan is trained in Pilates exercise with DMA. For the last couple of years, she has been teaching small groups and is impressed at seeing how empowering it is for people to improve their longstanding conditons (both musculoskeletal and womems health) through their own work .

She is very interested in physiotherapy and regularly attends courses and lectures to remain up to date with the developments in the profession in the areas outlined above.

Joan Lawlor,
Dip. Phty, Grad. Dip. Appl. Sc. in Manipulative Phty, M.A.P.A, M.M.P.A.,
Cert in Acup.